Making Meaning of Research

There is a lot of research out there, but it can be difficult to access, many times it leaves us with more questions than answers. What does this mean for my child/student? How do I make this actionable?

Knowing about and understanding the current research can help us to choose the right program for our students, advocate for our children and bring about awareness.

At The Southport CoLAB research is at the core of all that we do.


In collaboration with the Florida Center for Reading Research and top research institutions, we are creating infographics on a variety of topics related to learning differences. Check out our first in the series, Do Vision Problems Cause Dyslexia?

Our free Community Lecture Series provides opportunities to learn first hand about cutting edge research.

Workshops provide a hands-on opportunity to explore research-based programs and learn how to implement research in meaningful ways.


The CoLAB offers opportunities to participate in research studies with the top researchers in the field. Find out how you can help them to learn more about specific areas of learning differences and improve the lives of those with learning differences.  

Current research studies:

  • Music and Dyslexia: The Southport CoLAB is partnering with a research team at the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Gaab Lab that is exploring the relationship between musical training, speech, language, and reading abilities. Their goal is to investigate and develop the best diagnostic and remediation tools to support children with students with reading, speech, and learning difficulties, as well as a variety of childhood disorders.  
    As part of this research, they are particularly interested in the relationship between musical training and reading.  The purpose of this particular study is to investigate and better understand how speech, reading and other cognitive abilities relate to each other within school-age children.