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Assistive Technology

Over the past decade, many stand-alone assistive technologies, like text-to-speech and speech-to-text, have become embedded into our everyday devices - interactive screens, iPhones and iPads, apps, and websites.  That integration allows for independent access to information and learning for students with learning differences. We recognize the importance of identifying opportunities in this field to provide the most advanced learning opportunities for our students and staff.

We’ve learned that technology can enhance Orton-Gillingham instruction by leveraging the individualized, diagnostic-prescriptive, and multisensory aspects of lessons, which are hallmarks of the approach.

Over the past several years, TSS’s Orton-Gillingham Fellow Theresa Collins and Chief Technology Integrator and CE/AOGPE Sharon Plante collaborated to develop a technology framework as an instructive and assistive tool, following the traditional O-G approach in small classroom settings. Combined, they have presented at more than 20 school campuses and industry conferences nationwide.

Thank you for yesterday's Engaging Students in Reading Instruction Through Educational Technology webinar. You covered a lot of ground in 20 short minutes! I'm also very impressed with the CoLAB's outreach to your community...and beyond.

                -Fred Sisk US Director of Education Technology and Curriculum Innovation, Jemicy School

Current Courses

Cancellation Policy:  
In the event that The Southport School closes for weather or other unexpected events, class will be canceled.  Under those circumstances, the instructor will contact trainees as soon as possible via e-mail or text; Southport’s closings are available on Facebook, Twitter, NBC-30, News-12, and  For the most part, Southport follows Fairfield public schools for weather-related closings.