Quick Tips

Struggling to find a way to help you child or student with a specific task? Sometimes you just need a quick, actionable solution. Take a look....

Free EdTech Tools

Many TechEd companies are providing free tools to support educators during school closures due to COVID-19. Check out those as well as digital tools that were already free of charge. 

Handwriting Help

A rubber band or hair tie is a cheap and effective way to maintain the ideal tripod pencil grip. Wrap the rubber band around the wrist, twist it into a loop, and slip the end of the pencil into the small loop. The pencil has just enough stability to keep the wrist from wobbling.

Pencil Grip

Try the “flip trick” to obtain the tripod pencil grip. Point the pencil toward you. Pick up the pencil with your thumb and index finger pointing toward you, and flip your wrist up. 

Increasing Vocabulary

Make vocabulary a family affair. Students with learning differences need many exposures to new vocabulary, in a wide variety of contexts, and they benefit greatly from using words immediately in spoken language. Buy or subscribe to a word-a-day calendar that is appropriate for your child; share the word and its meaning with the whole family, and use it throughout the course of the day. One of my favorite resources is Mrs. Wordsmith (https://www.mrswordsmith.com/); this website sells materials appropriate for a wide age range.  The definitions are appropriate, the pictures are fun, and they come in a handy, stand-up flip book that can take a prominent place in your kitchen.

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