Supporting the families that have a student in our school as well as those in the broader community is critical to the Southport CoLAB's mission. We are here to help you!

Parent Education

Through our free Community Lecture  Series we provide talks on a variety of relevant topics by bringing in both local and nationally known experts. Click here more information

For a more in-depth learning experience, parent workshops are offered on topics such as executive function and assistive technology throughout the school year.  

Participate in Cutting Edge research

The Southport CoLAB is pleased to share information about some very exciting work being done by Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, a leading neuroscientist. We would like to invite you to participate in some truly fascinating and cutting-edge research.    

Check out these 3 amazing opportunities: 

1.The Adult Reading Strategies program: Participants must be ages 18-30 and willing to make several visits to the UConn -Storrs campus for testing and scanning (no, it won’t hurt!). All participants will get a comprehensive neuropsychological report (free!), actual brain scan pictures (very cool) and even some cash for being a good sport and helping advance the science of reading. Learn more at www.brainlens.org/strategies or contact the lab at AdultReadingStrategies@uconn.edu

2. The Family Brain Program: We know a lot about how certain traits ‘run in families’ and here’s your chance to advance the science about nature vs. nurture when it comes to reading and math. Participants in this research are parents and their children (ages 7-12). Everyone will get reports, pictures of their brain, and money for their time and cooperation. This project requires visits to either of the research sites: the University of Connecticut (Storrs) or the University of California (San Francisco). Learn more at www.brainlens.org/strategies or contact the lab at AdultReadingStrategies@uconn.edu.

3. Project R.E.S.C.U.E.: Calling all parents and teachers of children (kindergarten to grade 2) who are struggling to read or who would benefit from an extra scoop of instruction during this time of remote or hybrid learning. Check out this (free) 5-12 week computerized reading program. It involves children playing a game (really!) for 20 minutes per day and will generate reports so adults can follow the research and monitor each child’s progress. Learn more at haskinsglobal.org/graphogame/rescue or send an email to rescue@yale.edu

Click here for more detailed information about all of these studies.  


Free reading screenings are offered on a monthly basis. For more information please click here


Over the past ten years the legislative landscape around literacy and dyslexia has changed dramatically in both Connecticut and across the country. Due to active parents and advocates, most states in the country have passed some form of literacy laws. For more information about federal and state legislation click here

Our Dyslexic Children Documentary


This 45 minute documentary tells the story of a group of families in Upper Arlington Ohio who came together to change how their public school district taught reading. It's beautifully done film and inspiring story that everyone should hear. 

SeeHearSpeak Podcast