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Looking for something fun and creative to do?

Join the Art About community by creating and sharing your art! Each week a different artist will share a fun project that can be done at home. It's really easy:

  • Check out the supply list and gather whats needed (click on it to see it full size)
  • Watch the video (remember, you can stop the video to get more supplies or try out a technique, then restart to watch more).
  • Create something wonderful!


* Some of these projects might get a bit messy so please check with an adult before getting started. 

Let's get started!


Make your own graffiti style t-shirt following professional graffiti artist Joey Graziano's step-by-step instructions! Check out his website to see more of his work!

We would love to see your finished t-shirt. Please take a picture and email it to Suzanne Lang

First page of the PDF file: MaterialsListGraffetiT-shirt

Watercolor Techniques with Guest Artist Bailey Cardinal

Explore fun techniques to create different textures with watercolor paints with Bailey Cardinal! Bailey is the Assistant Director and art teacher at One River School in Westport, Connecticut. 

We would love to see what you've made! Share your creations by taking a picture and sending it to

First page of the PDF file: MaterialsListWatercolortechniques

Re-Thinking Language with guest artist Alexandra Cantle

Alexandra Cantle uses her art to create experiences that help the viewer feel what it's like to be dyslexic. You can learn more about Alexandra and her art here

Create artwork using words, there are no mistakes! Send a picture of your finished work along with your first name and age to Suzanne Lang and I'll post it in the gallery. I can't wait to see it!

First page of the PDF file: MaterialsListRe-ThinkingLanguagedocx

Traits List

First page of the PDF file: Traits

Strengths Robot with Guest Artist Eric McGehearty

Eric McGehearty is and artist and entrepreneur. He and his wife also founded a nonprofit for kids with learning differenced called Stand Up.  

Gather your supplies from the materials list below and join Eric, Trevor and, Elliot to learn how to build your own strengths robot! Don't forget to take a picture of your final project and send it to Suzanne Lang so that it can be posted in the artist gallery below!

First page of the PDF file: MaterialsListStrengthsRobot

Expression through Line and Texture with Guest Artist M. Clark


M. Clark is a professional fine artist, graphic designer and art director who lives and works in New York City. To see examples of her art or learn more about M. Clark visit her website at Notion Creative.


First page of the PDF file: MaterialsListRe-ExpressionThroughLineandTexturedocx

Looking for more? Try the

If you are looking for more ways to be creative check out these Youtube channels:


Art for Kids Hub is a family YouTube channel that provided drawing lessons for kids of all ages! Click on the logo for more. 

Looking for fun crafts to do at home? From paper crafts to science experiments, Crafts for Kids has it all!


If you are and artist, school or organization looking to collaborate on this initiative please reach out to Suzanne Lang