In an effort to support preschool families we have created fun, engaging curriculum units. These lessons, which align with Early Childhood Development, are designed to foster a love and joy of literacy. They engage the child with the arc of a narrative storyline and play and multi-sensory activities extend that storyline at home. 

Units are divided into five lessons. The lessons are designed to be completed once daily. They consist of a few videos and daily challenges that will keep your pre-k kid busy and learning!  These lessons can be completed in any order and challenges range from independent coloring activities to hands on activities that will require adult assistance. 

Thank you to Lauren Tamiso for her dedication to preschool students and their families and for creating this wonderful content. Thanks also go to Laurie Cousseau for her guidance and expertise.  


Alpha Quest

Join Alphie and Pho on their adventure to find the letters of the alphabet! Here we go


Quick Tips

Quick Tips were specifically designed for parents and teachers working with preschool age children! Provided by experts, each tip speaks to a specific skill, why it's important and how to work with your preschooler on it. New tips will be added regularly! Check them out here!


Our current courses can be found here.

I just wanted to thank you for the workshop yesterday! It was really terrific. I was able to watch and another teacher or two from our school were as well, but I also shared how wonderful it was with the other teachers. Thank you for this resource! Especially now - when we are all looking for a little bit of a boost.    

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First page of the PDF file: EarlyWritingforYoungChildrenActivityHandout

At the Southport CoLAB we know that a positive preschool experience sets the stage for success later in life. That is why we collaborate with area professionals to create professional development workshops geared specifically for preschool educators. 

Professional Development can be found here