Free Community Lecture Series

Six years ago, The Southport School launched the Community Lecture Series (CLS), which continues to draw local and nationally recognized speakers to our school. These evenings focus on presenting inspiring individuals who can share their expertise in the field or their experiences as adults with learning differences.

The overarching goals of The Southport School Community Lecture Series are to educate, inform, and empower all people interested in helping themselves or others with a language-based learning disability. Our audiences have grown in numbers and include students, parents, extended family, educators, practitioners, advocates, and lawyers. Through these free Community Lectures, we hope to connect with others in the broader community who have a stake in how individuals with learning disabilities are treated and to positively affect how people think about and teach students who learn differently.
All CLS presentations are held at the Southport School and are free to the greater community.

Your current series of speakers is outstanding and it greatly enhances your position at the highest levels of your field. Anonymous, post-lecture survey